Liquid Feeders

Motor-less Activation

The Excell Liquid Polymer Feeders activate polymer by using our patented, motor-less, high energy, activation apparatus. The Polymer activation apparatus provides the high energy needed to activate all types of liquid polymers. Excell’s activation apparatus is superior to other motor-less systems because it does not rely on high water flows to create the energy needed for activation. It injects the polymer into the dilution water stream and immediately makes the solution flow through a low pressure, high energy, activation nozzle. The apparatus operates like a low pressure homogenizer. The polymer is activated as it passes through the annular nozzle orifice. The pressure drop accross the nozzle is only 10 psi. This accelerates the solution to a velocity of about 40 ft/sec. The very high turbulence generated at the orifice is what activates the polymer. The polymer is exposed to this high activation energy only once, as it passes through the orfice. This prevents the accumulation of “fish eyes” and prevents breakup of uncoiled polymer molecules…. Learn More

Your Choice of Pump

Designed to meet all of your needs, an Excell Feeder can be built using a variety of pumps. Three of our most popular choices include diaphragm type pumps, peristaltic tube pumps and progressive cavity pumps. The three manufacturers that we recommend are LMITM, Blue WhiteTM, and NETZSCHTM. Even though every style pump has its own benefits and advantages, all of the above pumps have been proven to handle difficult to pump emulsion polymers. They are all extremely reliable and effective. Having these options to choose from offers our customers the flexibility to choose a pump that they are comfortable and have experience with. All of our pumps are installed so that they are easily accessible for maintenance, ensuring its long life. For customers whose application calls for an installed spare, we offer options to have two pumps integrated in a system. This allows for one pump to take over for the other in case of emergency situations when an unexpected problem occurs, or for regular maintenance.


Fabricated with the highest level of craftsmanship, our frames are constructed using 304 stainless steel angles. Our units are all tig welded to provide the best rigidity and longevity. All fasteners are also made of stainless steel, which provides excellent corrosion resistance. An open frame design is used to achieve a high level of versatility. This design makes both cleaning and simple maintenance fast and easy. We’ve designed the frame to be highly modular, allowing us to use the same frame design for many of our units. In addition our frames are very compact and lightweight, providing great flexibility when it is time for installation. Typical frame size is 18” x 16” x 24”. Wetted Materials used in the polymer systems are: 316SS, PP, PTFE, PVC, Tygothane and Viton. The materials used in the water systems are: 316SS, Acrylic, Brass, Bronze, Buna-N and PVC.


From a simple on-off switch to a PLC controlled unit, we can meet all your control needs. Our standard units include a manual on-off control and can easily be upgraded to use 4-20 mA pump speed control. Integration to a plant’s SCADA system can easily be done by adding our remote start-stop option. The unit can be fitted with several different alarms, which provide remote indication via a set of contacts. These contacts can be configured for “Normally Open” or “Normally Closed” operation. If a more complex control scheme is required we can provide a PLC control package, which includes a touch screen operator interface. The PLC allows for the polymer flow to track the water flow to maintain the desired solution concentration, alternative we can also have the water flow track the polymer flow. All of these control loops consist of a PID loop for increased performance and reliability. We also have experience with many industrial communications protocols including Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, and many more. This allows for great flexibly when integrating our unit with the plants control schemes.

Series 6000

Engineered with reliability and affordability in mind, the series 6000 uses an electromechanical diaphragm type pump and has neat polymer capacities of up to 240 GPD. This series was introduced nearly twenty years ago and was the first to use our patented motor-less hydro-mechanical mixing apparatus for maximum efficiency.

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Series 6000A

Designed to eliminate the problems associated with diaphragm type pumps, the series 6000A utilizes a one gallon blending chamber. This addition prevents the pulsing of the chemical feed that would normally occur while improving polymer performance by insuring the solution is fully homogenous when it leaves the unit.

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Series 6000PSA

Ideally suited for low flow applications, the series 6000PSA reliably feeds less than one gallon per day. This series uses a self-priming peristaltic tube pump and an integrated one gallon aging tank. This tank provides up to ten minutes of aging time and greatly improves polymer performance and effectiveness.

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Series 6000PC

Perfect for larger scaled operations, the series 6000PC uses a progressive cavity pump and has a capacity of up to 576 GPD. This style pump is extremely reliable and has a highly accurate feed rate. This series handles high pressures with ease and is capable of feeding higher viscosity polymers, making it our most versatile.

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