Dry Feeders

Series 7000 – Disc Feeder

The EXCELL Dry Polymer Feeder is engineered to prevent the problems associated with other dry polymer feeders.  The Series 7000 is very simple, compact, and reliable. Its main components are the disc feeder and the polyductor. There are no blowers or other mechanical systems that can generate problems. The disc feeder reliably meters the dry polymer. The polyductor reliably conveys, disperses, and wets the polymer.

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Series 7000S – Auger Feeder

The EXCELL Series 7000S Dry Polymer Auger Feeder is engineered to provide a reliable means of feeding dry polymers and other difficult to feed materials. The material being fed is vacuumed by the Polyductor suction air flow. This prevents polymer build up. The feed rate is controlled by variable speed gear motor.

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References – Dry Feeders

Excell Feeders maintains a large network of reputable customers. These are companies that have been valuable to the growth and expanse of Excell. Although each of them have had different needs and specifications they have all had sucess with Excell Feeders because we have provided the best polymer feed solution available.

Please feel free to contact any of the references we have listed here.

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