About Us

Our Facility

Excell’s manufacturing plant is located just outside of Scranton, in the town of Pittston, PA. Our facility rests on a three acre tract of land. Some of the features the facility has include:

  • 10,000 ft2 facility
  • Contains 3 full size bays, and 1 loading dock
  • In-house machining, fabrication, welding, and electrical departments
  • In-house parts room
  • State of the Art equipment testing stations
  • On-site conference room

Our History

Founded in 1993, Excell Feeders revolutionized the waste water treatment world. Realizing the need for a more effective and hassle-free polymer feeder, Excell set out to develop just that. The result was a feeder that was motorless, self-cleaning and above all, easy to operate.

The patented polymer activation apparatus eliminates many of the complications experienced by other motor operated systems. This combined with the self cleaning sight tube and user-friendly interface make Excell the #1 choice for polymer feeders!

Excell’s feeders are manufactured in Pittston, PA, with main offices located in Central NJ. Feeders are shipped worldwide, and there are currently over 2000 feeders being operated on over 4 continents. Both standard and custom units are available upon request, and are capable of accommodating both ultra-low as well as high capacity polymer flows.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to receive a quote.


Our Mission

To provide customers with the most reliable, effective, and user-friendly polymer feed solution at a reasonable price.